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In 2010 Avonmill Players and some assorted friends recorded a “Radio Series” version of The Mince Pie of Doom. Based on the original stage player reworked into 5 episodes, with new characters and additional content, the series was due to be broadcast on Kingfisher FM.... Sadly the radio station is no more, but even more sadly you can still catch up with all 5 episodes as they can be found here - so to relive the true horror of the original story sit back and click on the radio beside each episode:

Want to hear the awful truth... Read On

Now available in book form, the radio series script. Click on book to own a souvenir copy

Mince Pie of Doom Episode 1.mp3

Episode One: The Tights of Terror

The radio episodes can be also be found on Richard Walter’s website - to visit him Click Here

Episode 5: The Final Chapter... Until the next one, that is...

Mince Pie of Doom Episode 5.mp3

Episode Two: Nothing to Declare

Mince Pie of Doom Episode 2.mp3

Episode Three: The One Where People Get Hit A Lot

Mince Pie of Doom Episode 3.mp3

Episode Four: The Dance of the Seven Dwarves

Mince Pie of Doom Episode 4.mp3